Did you know there are many causes of obesity?

A research study for rare genetic obesity is enrolling now.

If you and/or your child struggle with your weight, you may want to find out more about a research study we’re conducting in adults and children over 2 years of age. If you and/or your child are eligible and choose to take part, you will be asked to provide a cheek swab or blood sample for genetic testing. This may help you understand the cause of obesity in you or your child. There is no charge for the study-related tests or visits.

If you have always struggled with your weight and feel like you’re hungry all the time, you may be interested in this study. Your privacy is important to us and your information will be coded and protected.

Get started. Find out if you may qualify.

Can I participate?

    You may be eligible if:
  • Feel hungry often or all the time
  • Have a BMI of 40 or more*

Can my child participate?

    Your child may be eligible if they:
  • Feel hungry often or all the time
  • Are in the 99th percentile of BMI for their age*

I want to join this study. What happens next?

Sign an informed consent form (ICF).
Provide a cheek swab OR blood sample to the study staff and answer questionnaires.
Get a call from the study staff to find out the results to your genetic test.
Depending on the results of your test, you may complete more questionnaires or be invited to take part in more research.